The Exhibition 
- documentation and historical context -
Glyptoteket - Museum of ancient and modern art, Copenhagen
30 September 2010 - 17 January 2011
Daily 11 am - 5 pm. Closed on Mondays

50 Meters from the death bed building, just across the Styx of traffic, Glyptoteket, the Danish Museum of Ancient art, resides. In the late afternoons it casts its historical and monumental shadow over the death of the state citizen. Inside the Museum, in the permanent collection, almost the entire pre-history of Funus Imaginarium is present: In the cellar below the museum the Egyptian mummies lie in their multiple sarcophagi as effigies within effigies within effigies. And upstairs in the classical halls the Greek, Roman and Etruscan statues, portraits and sarcophagi are exhibited.

Thus Glyptoteket provides the ideal context for Funus Imaginarium and has been the main collaboration partner for Das Beckwerk on the way to the death bed.

30 September - 17 January 2011 - parallel to the death bed, the funeral and the following 100 days of mourning and reflection - Glyptoteket gives room to an additional exhibition of documents, pictures and objects telling the story of Das Beckwerks 10 years of attempts to get beyond identity, the problem and the final solution: The Funus Imaginarium of Claus Beck-Nielsen.

From the collections:

The portrait head of Caligula in the "classic" version versus the painted reconstruction of the original 

The head of Claus Beck-Nielsen in the "classic" version awaiting the painted original to show up on 30 September