Think Tank

The Funus Think Tank

In connection the Funus Imaginarium Das Beckwerk has established a think tank.
The ideal was to let academics and other world citizens from different fields of knowledge and research take part in the development of Funus Imaginarium and the ways to free humanity from identities and the concept of the state citizen.
The members of the think tank meet at least once a month to discuss philosophical, political, aesthetical, theological and other kinds of problems related to Funus Imaginarium, as well as the further steps to be taken on the way to the death of identities and the state citizen.
The think tank is also part of the organisational team behind the conference Who or what is really alive today?

Being beyond Das Beckwerk and Funus Imaginarium, taking place at University of Copenhagen 18+19 November 2010

The permanent members of the Funus Imaginarium Think Tank and some of their works related to Funus Imaginarium and Das Beckwerk:
Mikkel Krause Frantzen, Comparative Literature, University of Copenhagen
Sara Dahlstrup Mogensen, Philosophy, University of Copenhagen
Mie Thorning Christensen, MA in Art History, University of Copenhagen
Sisse Malene Markvardine Kirkegaard, MA in Comparative Literature, University of Odense, SDU 
A representative of Das Beckwerk