The Funus Dialogues
On locations in Copenhagen and elsewhere on the globe
During the year leading up to Funus Imaginarium a series of so called Funus Dialogues are staged in public in Copenhagen and elsewhere on the globe; dialogues about the aesthetical, ethical, philosophical, historical, existential, political consequences of by Funus Imaginarium. Experts on a wide range of scientific, artistic and practical fields are being asked to help defining, analyzing and answering the problems and questions posed by the Death of Identity and the State Citizen. The dialogues are filmed and recorded and transcripts and sound files are or will be available at this website.

Sophie Calle & a nameless being from Das Beckwerk at the Louisiana shore - Dialogue no. 7. (Photo: Louisiana/Kim Hansen)

Dialogue no. 1 with BISHOP EMERITUS JAN LINDHARDT took place at Overgaden, Institute of Contemporary Art, 17 December 2009. The question was: Who represents death?

Dialogue no. 2 with PASTOR ERIK BOCK
took place in Holy Cross Church on 8. February 2010. Erik Bock is the priest who will perform the funeral ritual of Claus Beck-Nielsen on 9. October, and the dialogue focused on the theological, ethical, existential and legal problems that the priest and the church has and will have because of this extraordinary funeral.

Dialogue no. 3 with MIKKEL BOGH - Rector at the Royal Academy of Art in Copenhagen - took place on the academy on 5 March 2010. The dialogue was an attempt to place the death of Identity and the State Citizen in the context of art history and contemporary concepts of art.

Dialogue no.4 "How and where will we get rid of the corpse?"
was an xtraordinary crisis-dialogue provoked by the problems we were facing in our attempt to get permission to let the burial of Claus Beck-Nielsen take permanent place in the consecrated ground of Assistens Churchyard. The dialogue took place at the Department of Arts and Cultural Studies at University of Copenhagen on 17. April 2010. Main voices heard were art historian MIKKEL BOLT, Head of the Department of Arts and Cultural Studies MARIANNE PING HUANG and a large number of students.

Dialogue no. 5 with ANTHROPOLOGIST KIRSTEN MARIE RAAHAUGE took place at the Danish Design School on 10. May 2010. The questions were: Hauntings - Is Claus Beck-Nielsen a ghost? Is the nameless being a zombie? What makes death real in our culture, in our part of the world?

Dialogue no. 6 with artist FERDINAND AHM KRAG and stageworker KRISTIAN HUSTED took place at the Royal Academy of Art in Copenhagen on 4 June 2010. The questions were: How does one get beyond mapping? - on the dialectics between the topic and the utopian in the productions and works of Das Beckwerk.

Dialogue no. 7 with the French artist SOPHIE CALLE
took place at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Humlebæk on 18. June 2010. In the dialogue the nameless director of Das Beckwerk and Sophie Calle tried to answer the question: Why and how are we both preparing to stage a funeral (that might be our own)?
The dialogue was filmed and will be shown on Louisiana from 18. August + by Das Beckwerk.
Dialogue no. 8 with ARCHEOLOGIST JAN STUBBE ØSTERGAARD took place on Sunday 29 August 3 pm in the mausoleum at Glyptoteket, Museum of Ancient and Modern Art in Copenhagen.
Dialogue no. 9 with MIKKEL THORUP, ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR IN HISTORY OF IDEAS takes/took place Monday 6 September 4 pm at the University of Århus