The Funus Satellites - Cairo

Darb 1718 close to the City of the Dead in Cairo where the death bed will take yet another place 30 September - 9 October 2010 

The death of indentity and the state citizen as a global event

Claus Beck-Nielsen represents the billions of identities and state citizens of the world. His death and burial is not an exception. In other cities around the world the deathbed, death and burial of this randomly chosen identity will take place simultaneously. In CairoHerning and Beijing a plaster cast copy of his body will lie simultaneously on a death bed in order to turn the singular and local death of Claus Beck-Nielsen into the multiple and world wide death of identities and the state citizen.  

In Cairo the death bed of Claus Beck-Nielsen, identity and the state citizen takes place near the City of the Dead at Darb 1718 Egyptian Contemporary Art and Culture Center.

You will find Darb 1718 right here:
Kasr El Sham3 Street - Al Fakhareen - Old Cairo - Right behind the Hanging Church and Amr Mosque

or here:

The living dead 

tomb turned into residence in the City of the Dead in Cairo - (the living dead barely visible in the doorway)