The Funus Satellites - Beijing
Zhong Arts Space in Beijing where the death bed will take yet another place 30 September - 9 October 2010 

The death of indentity and the state citizen as a global event

Claus Beck-Nielsen represents the billions of identities and state citizens of the world. His death and burial is not an exception. In other cities around the world the deathbed, death and burial of this randomly chosen identity will take place simultaneously. In CairoHerning and Beijing a plaster cast copy of his body will lie simultaneously on a death bed in order to turn the singular and local death of Claus Beck-Nielsen into the multiple and world wide death of identities and the state citizen.  

By placing the death bed of Claus Beck-Nielsen simultanously on different continents and in different cultures the very European ritual enacted in Funus Imaginarium will be seen in radically diverse contexts. The concepts of personal and collective identity are very different in post-protestant Copenhagen, Islamist Egypt and the industrial avantgarde of Herning. And in each of the cities there is a historical clash of contradictory funeral traditions and death cults. 

Manifestations of the death of individual and collective identities in China:

The eternal deathbed of the immortal Chairman Mao

Beyond identity: Army of the anonymous, "the terracotta army"