Beings of Das Beckwerk

Das Beckwerk & beings beyond identity

In the year of 2001, the author, playwright, performer, musician and human being Claus Beck-Nielsen, was declared dead in an attempt to say farewell to personal and national identity. In 2002 Das Beckwerk, an arts house with remains of his name, was opened in Copenhagen, Europe.

Das Beckwerk is a trans-national corporation having the globalized world stage as its target and audience. Through staging of world politics, public spaces and media Das Beckwerk seeks to establish an active link between the individual world citizen and the contemporary world history. In this way Das Beckwerk creates stories about the hopeless, but necessary attempt to daily intervene in world history. Stories that can take shape as walks, serial photography, novels, performances, lectures, concerts, installations, video, operas, revolutions and other historic events. Stories about the common man and his heroic, yet naive attempt to gain influence on the creation of world history.

Since the founding act at the turn of the Millennium Das Beckwerk have carried through countless attempts to get beyond identity. On this page you can see pictures and documents from these attempts. In addition you can watch a slide show on the lifes of Claus Beck-Nielsen and find traces of his double and slayer Claus Nielsen, the man without identity number.